Sale and purchase of business

Devenish Lawyers are able to assist you in the purchase of your new business or the sale of your existing one.

We are able to assist you in the sale and purchase of any type of business. Previously we have conducted the sale and purchase of businesses such as bakeries, gymnasiums, butcher shops and other retail outlets as well as milk bars and beauty salons.

From the preparation of Contracts to the settlement of the business, we handle everything for you from start to completion including preparation of all necessary documents, liaising with landlords and undertaking all necessary searches.


Devenish Lawyers are able to prepare on your behalf Commercial and Retail Leases as well peruse Commercial and Retail Leases.

We are able to advise you on your obligations and rights as a landlord (or tenant) and advise you as to the relevant legislation which applies to your particular lease situation.

Unfortunately at this stage, we do not act in Residential Lease matters.


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